Special Financing in Easley, SC

Credit Approval

Bad credit is something you can overcome. No matter the situation or the circumstances, our credit approval experts can help you get an auto loan and on the road to repairing your credit score. It could have been from missed payments, late payments, collections notices, loan defaults, repossession or bankruptcy. If you’re currently suffering from poor credit, you may not be able to obtain a “standard” loan on the car you need to purchase. This is where Hendrick Honda Easley Credit Approval Center can help with our special financing auto loans. We work with a network of lenders that offer special lending programs to buyers with less than perfect credit. We get you from a low credit score, into the vehicle you need.

Getting approved for an auto loan is just the first step at Hendrick Honda Easley Credit Approval Center. We are here to help improve our customers’ lives. We will educate you about repairing damaged credit. We do this for everyone, even if they have not had the best track record in the past or have gone through a bankruptcy.

Here are a few resources to help get you started towards your new car and a good credit situation.


What do you need to get an auto loan with bad credit in Easley, SC?

– Gross monthly income of $1,500
– Resident of U.S. or Canada
– Valid driver’s license
– No repossessions within the last year unless included in a bankruptcy

Down payments, although not always necessary, can play a big role in a car loan approval or denial, especially when it comes to special financing. The more money put down on the vehicle, the more personal investment, and that shows the lender that you are committed to the loan and vehicle. Down payments also help you lower your monthly payment and total finance amount of the vehicle, helping you save money over time.